Premium £1.50 per £1000

  1. Fire Explosion & Lightning
  2. Storm (excludes damage to fences and aerials/satellite dishes, limit applied to felt roof)
  3. Aircraft or articles dropping there from.
  4. Malicious Damage (except if home unoccupied more than 30 days)
  5. Damage caused by escape of water
  6. Impact by vehicles or animals
  7. Falling trees (excluding damage to gates, fences, hedges)
  8. Flood/water Damage, excludes cover for properties in High Water Level areas or rooms below ground level
  9. Subsidence (£2000 claim excess applies)
  10. Accidental Damage


Premium £1.50 per £1000

Damage caused by:

  • Fire Explosion & Lightning
  • Storm/Flood
  • Malicious Damage (no cover if home is unoccupied more than 30 days)
  • Escape of water (no cover if home is unoccupied more than 30 days)

Additional cover on contents of freezer (subject to the freezer being less than 10 years old) and loss not due to industrial
action or deliberate restriction by the supply authority.
£250 sum insured automatically covered, this can be increased if this amount is not sufficient.

Accidental Damage to contents

Premium £1.50 per £1000

Theft of Contents

Premium 75p per £1000

Theft must be accompanied by forcible entry or exit. Theft from a vehicle is limited to a total amount of £1500.

Excesses & Discounts

Policy Claim Excess –  £100 (in addition to any voluntary excess, if applicable).
Subsidence Excess –  £2000
Water Damage Excess for buildings  – £2500
Water Damage Excess for contents – £250

La Fraternelle Home Insurance can include many discounts for their policies

  • No Claim Bonus
  • Age 50 plus
  • Unite
  • Current States Employees
  • Retired States Employees Assoc
  • Civil Service Association
  • Board of Health Employees
  • Foresters Friendly Society
  • States House Tenant/GHA
  • Northern Bowling Association
  • Cricket Umpires Association
  • Guernsey Swimming Club
  • Cimandis Employees
  • R G Falla
  • Northern Trust Staff Members
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • RBS International Employees
  • NatWest Employees
  • Gsy Private Residential Landlords Assoc
  • Credit Suisse Employees
  • Carey Olsen & Subsidiaries Employees
  • Investec Employees
  • Isle of Sark Shipping Employees
  • Bank of Butterfield Employees
  • Skipton Employees

Personal & Public Liability

Liability cover up to £2,000,000
No additional premium

Alternative Accommodation or Loss of Rent

Premium £1.10 per £1000

To a maximum of 20% of the insured value of the buildings or contents.

The cost of alternative accommodation or loss of rent if the Insured premises are deemed uninhabitable due to damage caused by any of the insured risks.

Pedal Cycles

No additional premium for cycles valued below £1000 each, over this value can be charged as an All Risk item.

Details, Make, Model and value is required.

All Risks

Premium £1.00 per £100

Unspecified Items/ Specified Items:-

Personal effects
Mobile phones
Sports equipment
Musical instruments
Hearing aids
Clothing etc

Under the unspecified section (items with a value not exceeding £1500 for each item), the total sum insured to represent the maximum total sums insured for this section. An item with a value exceeding £1500 must be specified separately and for jewellery items with a value exceeding £2000 a valuation will be required.

Firearms and invalid carriages must be specified.